Invoice management platform for restaurants and their suppliers. Navigated the challenges of COVID-19 by diversifying their customer base and built a new, steadier revenue channel.

"Flywheel is a trustworthy partner who offered us financing at a turning point despite COVID-19." - Niles Toh, CEO


Why RBF makes sense for FoodRazor

Company has raised seed funds from local VCs and angel investors to buildout their subscription software serving restaurant franchises. They were looking for working capital to serve a large customer contract.

Why this team is compelling for our RBF funds. 

Recurring revenue and global customers with approachable pricing. They raised from reputable investors and were quick and decisive with cash flow conservation and new revenue channels when the challenges of COVID-19 hit the F&B industry.

How this team would deploy RBF funds. 

Employ resources towards an engineering buildout for a large client that will generate future recurring revenue.